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Gemma Kearney (b: Waterford, Ireland) primarily works with sculpture but their work deviates to other forms such as painting, the digital image and text. They utilize social historical narratives and personal events to critique and understand the hierarchical nature of material, culture and society. Their work is characterized by; a spirit of material and symbolic engagement and a desire to implement ideas of action, negation and futurity. They have an interest in performance, materialisms, feminist action and anti formal modes of art production.

Gemma has an MA in Fine Art from LASALLE College of the Arts / Goldsmiths University and holds a BA in Fine Art from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design. Recently Gemma has been a recipient of the Chan Davies Art Prize 2018, Winston Oh Postgraduate Research Award 2018, LASALLE scholarship recipient 2017 and the Winston Oh Travelogue Research Award 2017. Gemma's most recent solo exhibitions were A Slow Disclosure, which took place in Waterford, Ireland (2020) and Groups and Gangs, which took place at Chan+Hori Contemporary, Gillman Barracks, Singapore (2018). Their most recent self published documents include Speakers Notes (2019), A Hooligan in the Garden City (2019), No time for the poetic, no time for abstraction(not a poem) (2019), Disappointment Sculpture Repeat Repeat (2018) and A Woman is About To Make A Speech (2018). Gemma has been involved in exhibitions in Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and Germany.
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